Welcome to YOUtopia Essentials!  My name is Amber Cade Phelps, and I am the owner and operator.  I am a graduate of Stratford Career Institute in 2021 as a certified Natural Health Consultant and a graduate of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in 2017 as a certified Crystal Healer.  I offer consulting and advice for herbal care using my handcrafted herbal Alchemy™ apothecary product as well as herbal tea remedies.  I also use the natural vibrational healing of crystals in most consultations.  If you are feeling urged to follow a more natural way of life, come see me at YOUtopia Essentials!

YOUtopia Essentials was founded in 2017 after I went through four years of undiagnosed medical issues involving many doctors and specialists, chronic pain, heavy pharmaceuticals, and tests with no avail.  I started studying the old ways in herbs and whole foods to find healing.  What began as healing for myself, has now turned into a place to help teach others to unlock the potential for self-healing with natural products.  My herbal alchemy shop proudly offers a variety of handcrafted self-care and mental health supportive products made with 100% pure essential oils, certified organic ingredients, herbs and botanicals.   

Carefully and intuitively chosen are a variety of globally sourced crystals, crystal jewelry handmade by local artisans, natural smudge bundles, crystal infused bath and body products, natural soy candles, epicurean teas and so much more! Every offering is designed and crafted in house or sourced and curated with the utmost care.

Honored to be a part of the holistic and spiritual community, we are open four days a week in Waco, Texas and ​offer national shipping through our website.  We also offer appointment requests for the days we are closed as self-care and mental health support is very important to us and we are willing and available to help you as we can.  We hope to be a part of your healing journey.


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Healing Stones