Alchemy™️ Mustard Seed

4 oz French square jar


This herby, frothy soak is just what you need for achy sore muscles, relief from congestion, cold/ flu symptoms, insomnia and even anxiety. Just half of this bottle {or 4 Tbs} of mixture added to a warm bath is all you need {but feel free to use as much as YOU want!} Made with organic mustard seed powder, epsom salt, and baking soda this bath mixture is so frothy and light, it’ll soothe you in no time.


After a 20-30 minute soak, rinse with warm water thoroughly and wrap up in your comfiest clothes, relax and enjoy.


INGREDIENTS | organic mustard seed powder, epsom salt, sodium bicarbonate, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils


* Mustard Seed has a shelf life of 8-10 months when left out of direct sunlight and closed correctly. For external use only.


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Alchemy™️ Mustard Seed

  • Mustard Seed | can help soothe joint pain, muscle aches from being overworked or sore, can also be helpful for movement of toxicants out of the body. Mustard baths can also be useful for breaking up congestion in the lungs and sinuses.


    Epsom Salts | detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, and softening the skin.


    Baking Soda | Right from being an excellent exfoliator to being a brilliant bleaching agent, baking soda has properties that could potentially make it your skin’s best friend. Baking soda can soothe inflamed skin and reduce irritation and itching.


    Eucalyptus Essential Oil | has a cooling effect on muscles and reduces pain and inflammation


    Rosemary Essential Oil | ability to ease pain and inflammation, soothes muscle tension and spasms


    Lemon Essential Oil | reduces anxiety and depression and helps to relieve pain