Garden Quartz | Lodolite Tower 8

Garden Quartz (also known as Lodolite, scenic quartz, or landscape quartz) has inclusions of quartz inside with colors of cream, green, grey, orange, and red, making scenes of gardens, if you will. 


This tower has great color!  Greens, oranges and reds, this piece is very scenic! 


This tiny towers measures 2 3/4” H x 1 1/2" hexagonal | weighs 146 g/ 5.2 oz

Garden Quartz | Lodolite Tower 8

  • Garden Quartz is an extremely popular gemstone, which contains natural elements from the earth that emits incredible energy. Embodies the hope and dreams to whoever possesses it. A gemstone by its name symbolizes a garden. It is well believed that its mystique and power comes for the plants and forest from ancient times. Believed to release the owners’ emotions through nature. A gemstone that awakens your internal feelings and insinuates you to make things happen.

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