Tumbled Stones - 1 ea

Tumbled stones serve many purposes.  They can be worn, made into powerful grids, used in gem water, used as a tool during meditation and are overall great energy tools.  Each stone has a different meaning and generally you want to pick a stone that “calls to you”, either in color or shape and then identify it’s benefits and see where it is most needed.  Read under additional info for what the benefits of each stone we carry, offer.


Wearing your stones | carry them in your pocket or make it into a necklace


Crystal Grids | there are many layouts and ways to use crystals in grids.  Use stones that radiate off each other for energy, protection, focus or even help with sleep.


Gem Water | *BE CAREFUL AS SOME STONES ARE TOXIC!!  Gem waters are simply that, your gems in a glass of water.  Non-toxic gems are good for drinking, washing your hands, face or hair, watering your plants or even giving it to your pets.


Meditation | Simply hold your stone in your hand while you pray or meditate to help amp up your focus and intuition.


Body Layout | simply lay down and either lay the stones directly on your chakras or beside you near your chakras for energy balancing.


Pouches | You can sleep with these under your pillow for good dreams and restful sleep, keep them in your purse, backpack or car for protection and focus, or simply give them as a gift.

Tumbled Stones - 1 ea

  • Black Tourmaline | EARTH STAR & ROOT CHAKRA |  protection · security · stress relief 


    Red Jasper | ROOT CHAKRA |  grounding · nurturing · centering


    Carnelian | ROOT & SACRAL CHAKRA | creativity · confidence · passion


    Tiger Eye | SACRAL & SOLAR | the shape shifter · courage · wealth


    Citrine | SACRAL, SOLAR PLEXUS & CROWN CHAKRA | happiness · prosperity · light


    Green Aventurine | HEART CHAKRA | good luck · manifestation · optimism 


    Angelite | THROAT, THIRD EYE & CROWN CHAKRA | understanding · calm · comfort


    Lepidolite | THIRD EYE & CROWN | anxiety relief · peace · restful sleep


    Amethyst | THIRD EYE & CROWN | trust · intuition · spirituality


    Selenite | CROWN CHAKRA | cleansing · light · protection


    Pyrite | THIRD EYE & CROWN CHAKRA | wealth · success · protection

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